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Route length:  ca. 205 KM

Gas station: Torshöfn, Reykjahlid

Road surface:  70% Gravel

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Driven with a Suzuki DR 250, Suzuki DR 400S, Yamaha WR 450 und KTM 640 Adventure.

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A perfect day! We first drove further north to turn on a gravel road. The track led through a heathland, occasionally passing through a river, to a hut.

island_i2e.jpg Then it went towards the south to a smaller waterfall. From the lookout point you look down at a bay of black obsidian sand and the waterfall. Shortly thereafter followed the second stop, on a parking place, on the island's biggest waterfall.
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After visiting you follow the signs to Myvatn. Passing the solfatara of Namaskard you reach Reykjahlid and the campground.
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Arrived in Reykjahlid, you can choose between two places for tents: one right on the lake, with mosquitoes and one near the church without mosquitoes. We decided to spend the night on the campground at the lake, beautifully situated with seagulls ... The afternoon we spent in the "Green lagoon".

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