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Again and again it takes us to Iceland. The routes described below can be driven with Enduro motorcycles, travel enduro or all-terrain vehicles (with build pickups), SUV, or even higher-wheel drive vehicles. There are 2 routes that can not be driven with a travel enduro, these are described with alternative route. The distances can vary according to water levels in the river crossings.
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General information about Iceland:
Iceland is an island, you can arrive by ferry or plane. The ferry goes from Denmark or Norway, is not cheap and you are min. 2 days traveling. By air, it goes faster, it must, however, hire a four-wheel vehicle. When rent is important to ensure that the vehicle must be moved along the highland slopes.
Land and People: Iceland has almost no trees, the vegetation can be any 50 km differently, for adventurers and nature lovers a great island. Icelanders are polite, but also cautious.
Security: Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world.
Overnight: In Iceland there are hotels in the cities, in the country there are a few guesthouses and campsites partly with wooden huts. In the highlands, there are simple camping managed by a Ranger.
Travel time: We prefer the journey time from late June to late August, the important highland routes should be released to traffic.
Traffic: Traffic is only in the cities, in the countryside is not much traffic on the gravel roads can be several hours alone.
Food and Drink: The food is much more expensive for German conditions.
Vehicles: the way we were in Iceland with various enduro and touring enduro's.





Reykjavík presents an interesting old town, whitewashed wooden houses and modern, brightly painted buildings. Most attractions are within walking distance in the old city centre.

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